"The Liturgy of Ezra Bessaroth"
Friend of the FASSAC: Hazzan Isaac Azose

"The Liturgy of Ezra Bessaroth."

"An absolutely incredible album, one which keeps the flame of our tradition burning"

"A wonderful album to give as a gift to any family with roots in Rhodes or Turkey"

"Listen and learn the liturgy the way our grandparents did"

"There really is no other album like it !"

On September 24, 1999 CE, Hazzan Isaac Azose released a double CD entitled "The Liturgy of Ezra Bessaroth". The CD features a wide range of Daily, Shabbat and Festival Tefillah as sung in the unique Sephardic traditions of Congregation Ezra Bessaroth in Seattle and represents a definitive culmination of our Hazzan's 33 years of service to the Kehillah. Many of the prayers are sung in Ladino, just as they have been recited since the Exile of 1492 CE. The double CD set has a pleasantly homemade yet professional quality, with the Hazzan introducing each selection with a brief explanation, then launching into an a cappella rendition of the setting. A rich musical tapestry in an austere setting.

1.   CD - 1 Kadesh Li Kol Behor
2.   Vayosha Ashem/Az Yashir Moshe
3.   Shir Ashirim, chapter 1
4.   Lehu Neranena
5.   Mizmor LeDavid (Avu Lashem)
6.   Lecha Dodi
7.   Shema
8.   Yigdal
9.   Friday Evening Kiddush
10.   Ashem Melech
11.   Nishmat Kol Hai (3 Versions)
12.   Shav'at Aniyim (2 Versions)
13.   El A'oda'ot (3 Versions)
14.   El Adon (Al Kol Amaasim)
15.   Zemirot Yomeru (Vetishbahot Yashmiu)
16.   Nakdishach (Kedushah-2 Versions )
17.   Yimloch Ashem Le'olam/Mizmor LeDavid
18.   keter Yitenu Leha (Kedushah)
19.   En Kelo'enu (Hebrew and Ladino)
20.   Adon Olam
21.   Saturday Morning Kiddush
22.   Avdalah
23.   CD 2 - Odu Lashem of Pesah (Psalm 107)
24.   Kadesh Urhats (Pesah 2 versions)
25.   A Lahma Anya (Pesah -Arameic and Ladino)
26.   Ma Nishtanah (Pesah-Hebrew and Ladino)
27.   Had Gadya (Pesah-Ladino)
28.   Ehad Mi Yodeah (Pesah-Ladino)
29.   Pirkeh Avot 1,1 (Hebrew and Ladino)
30.   Ketubah de La Ley (Shavuoth)
31.   Megilat Rut (Hebrew and Ladino)
32.   Aftarath Tisha B'av (Ladino)
33.   Kamti Be'ashmoret (selihoth)
34.   Im Afes (Ladino)
35.   Bezohri al Mishkavi (Ladino)
36.   Ahot Ketana (Rosh Hashana-Hebrew and Ladino)
37.   Shofet Kol A'arets (Rosh Hashana)
38.   Yedeh Rashim (Rosh Hashana)
39.   Nakdishach (Rosh Hashana-Kedushah)
40.   Berich Shemeh (Ladino)
41.   Et Shaareh Ratson (Yamim Noraim-Ladino)
42.   Keter Yitenu Leha (Rosh Hashana-Kedushah)
43.   Ayom Arath Olam (Rosh Hashana-Ladino)
44.   Sheva Berahoth (7 Wedding Blessings)
45.   Birkath Amazon (Blessing After Meals)
Selections 46 through 55 are pizmonim, many of which are from the Syrian tradition'
46.   Tsur Mishelo
47.  Ashir LaEl’
48.   Deror Yikra
49.   Yom Ashabbath En Kamohu
50.   Ata El Kabir
51.   Ozreni El Hai
52.   Agadelha (Elo'e Kol Neshama)
53.   Melech Ram
54.   Makhelot Am
55.   El Meod Na'ala

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"This album is a beautiful legacy of our religious culture and tradition"

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth is a Sephardic synagogue in Seattle, Washington.

The recording features a wide range  of Daily, Shabbat and Festival Tefillah as sung in the Turkish and Rhodes Sephardic tradition. Sung by Hazzan Isaac Azose (Yitshak Azouz)

"The Liturgy of Ezra Bessaroth" is available on CD for $20.00 ($17 plus $3 S&H) - Please inquire re: International shipping rates.

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